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Our Story

Arbor Day Carbon was launched in 2021 to provide new solutions for companies and investors looking to blend reforestation and carbon projects. With the rise of the carbon market, we’d recognized new opportunities to use our expertise and partnerships to create a bigger impact for the climate and communities around the globe.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Arbor Day Foundation, we leverage their half-century legacy of tree planting and nurturing. Harnessing that extensive experience in helping protect existing forests and grow new ones, we are uniquely positioned to support forestry carbon removal and reduction projects while providing our corporate partners with rigorously vetted carbon credits to reach their climate goals. 

Today, we offer expanded solutions to carbon buyers and project developers. Companies can now purchase immediately available carbon credits and fund longer-term reforestation projects. Project developers can benefit through early access to funding that helps them start and expand more forestry carbon removal projects.

Together we can accelerate reforestation and the countless benefits that forests provide to us all. Will you join us?
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Our Approach

Arbor Day Carbon accelerates reforestation by vetting, funding, and selling carbon credits with a process where everyone wins. We transact carbon credits to plant and grow new trees.

From the Mississippi River Alluvial Valley to the forests of Nicaragua, we empower developers to build credible forestry carbon removal projects at scale, by streamlining diligence, simplifying funding, and purchasing while delivering a custom experience. 

In turn, we make it easy for corporations to achieve climate goals by matching them with high-quality products from our vigorously vetted carbon project developers.

Our team of industry leaders has worked with hundreds of corporate partners, resulting in over half a billion trees planted. Working with our team will equip yours with the information you need to march forward with carbon confidence.
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Our Team

Chris Tointon
Jeremy Manion
Managing Director, Carbon Markets
Mairi-Jane Fox, Ph.D.
Director, Carbon Planning & ESG
Ben Paige
Senior Strategic Partnership Manager
Ali Loker, DPH
Science and Technical Lead
Hillary Prince
Carbon Lead, Corporate Partnerships
Ryan Norris
Operations Manager
Darren Betts
Senior Financial Analyst
Lauren Costello
Marketing Manager

Join Our Team

At Arbor Day Carbon, you're not just an employee, but a catalyst for change. Working here provides an unparalleled opportunity to be part of a transformative mission alongside industry leaders, making tangible differences in the fight against climate change. Join us and be part of a global network committed to restoring forests through big and small actions.
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Mairi-Jane Fox
Director, Carbon Planning & ESG
Jeremy Manion
Managing Director, Carbon Markets


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