Solutions to Fast-Track Forestry Carbon Credits

Forests only get planted and protected when there's an economic incentive to do so. We help you provide that incentive quickly and often, so you can more easily scale your projects and your impact.


Early Project or Expansion Funding

Forestry carbon project developers take large financial risks and often must wait several years to realize a return. By investing in your projects, we help you plant, grow, and protect more trees, sooner.


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Carbon Credit Sales at Scale

Our team works with leading brands and project developers to transact millions of carbon credits. We align your supply of high-quality carbon credits with the demand of corporate partners seeking to meet their climate and sustainability goals. 

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“The Climate Trust is pleased to have a mission-aligned and experienced reforestation partner in Arbor Day Carbon.  We look forward to working with their team to advance the reforestation carbon market across the US.”
Julius Pasay
Executive Director, The Climate Trust

How It Works

Get Vetted
We prioritize work in the areas of greatest need, where carbon sequestration, rural livelihoods, and biodiversity recovery are maximized. Projects must meet our established partnership and quality criteria.
Receive Funding
We get you the funds to grow your early-stage reforestation projects. In return for our funding, we receive an amount of carbon credits equal to our investment, so you have ample funds to keep expanding and benefitting landholders.
Sell Carbon Credits
If you have inventory, we can either buy it or facilitate a transaction, getting you the cash flow you need to reinvest. We sell these carbon credits to leading brands looking to meet voluntary climate goals. 
Years in Forestry Projects
Trees Planted
Credits Transacted

What You Can Expect

Faster Funding

Acquiring early funding for more projects isn’t worth it if you can’t preserve the potential returns for you and the landholders on the ground. Since we only keep a small percentage of carbon credits from a project we invest in, the upside of each project remains high. Plus, if desired, we can help you sell the remaining carbon credits at a premium market rate. Get support to cover all stages of your reforestation project, from planning to planting to verification. 


A Global Support Network

Accelerate your impact with access to a deep bench of forestry carbon market experts on our team and in our network. From planting and regulatory policy to carbon sequestration accounting, we provide expertise and support to propel your projects forward. Our strong global presence also simplifies your collaboration with national and local governments, enabling you to start more projects with ease.


Simplified Carbon Credit Transactions

When you tap into our strong relationships with some of the world’s largest corporations, you can quickly sell your inventory at competitive prices that address the opportunity costs of the land. We facilitate the transactions to minimize your workload and maximize your return.

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Our Work


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Accelerate Your Projects Today

The carbon market and our planet are changing quickly. Let’s discuss how we can help you stay ahead of the curve to maximize your impact and meet your goals.