Additional Information

What protocol was used to estimate emissions reductions or removal benefits? 
Where is the offset project site located?

The project consists of over 600 private land parcels located in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Virginia.


What is the project timeline?

New and additional land is enrolled and added to the project each year. As the project proponent, GreenTrees commits to a 40-year project life for all land in the project beginning with the year that trees were planted in each parcel.


When did the project start?

GreenTrees, LLC was founded in 2003. The project officially began in January 1, 2008 and is ongoing today with annual or biannual verification and issuance of carbon credits.


When will a specified quantity of emissions reductions or removals start/be modified/be reversed and for what quantity?

The first verification from the project was completed in February of 2011, covering an issuance of vintage 2009 credits. 6,270,862 credits have been issued to date, according to ACR registry page.


What type of project is it (carbon removal, avoided emission, or both and the breakdown of each)?

Project Type: Removal; Afforestation/Reforestation


Does the project meet any standards established by law or by a non-profit entity?

The project and participation are voluntary, and not held to standards under any established federal, state, or local laws. Please see the following site for information on ACR Methodology for Afforestation and Reforestation of Degraded Land, Version 1.0, March 2011.


What is the durability period for the project and the greenhouse gas accounting period?

The durability period of the project’s greenhouse gas removals is 40 years from each planting date.

Is there an independent expert or third-party validation or verification of the project attributes?

Yes. The project goes through full independent, third-party monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) with site visits every 1-2 years. Verification is performed annually by an accredited third-party. All verification reports can be found here

What amount of emissions are reduced or what amount of carbon is removed on an annual basis?

The project verifies and issues approximately 1 million Verified Emissions Reduction (VER) credits each year. All verification reports can be found here.

What accountability measures are in place if carbon storage projects are reversed for this project? 
Details about accountability measures for reversals can be found in the ACR Standard v8.0, section 5D.
What accountability measures are in place if future emissions reductions do not materialize for this project? 

Credits from ACR114 are issued ex-post. This means credits are only issued after the reductions have been verified by an independent third party. If future emissions reductions do not materialize, credits will not be issued.

What are the pertinent data and calculation methods needed to independently reproduce and verify the number of emissions reductions or removal credits issued for this project? 

Section E5 of the GHG Project Plan details the methods used to calculate Emissions Removal Tonnes generated by the project. The GHG Project Plan can be found here.

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