Taking Root and the Arbor Day Foundation are helping to build financial security and sustainable livelihoods by reforesting previously underused land. Because of Taking Root’s unique technology, this project provides unparalleled transparency in its environmental and social impacts.


Type: Reforestation/Afforestation, Carbon Removal
Partner: Taking Root
Region/Country: Nicaragua
Standard: Plan Vivo

hectares of biodiversity hotspot land replanted and managed
4.4+ million
trees planted through the Arbor Day Foundation over the last 5 years (19+ million total)
private landowners engaged through meaningful partnerships


This project takes a market-based approach to fight deforestation and poverty by developing fully traceable reforestation products with smallholder farmers. The project aims to increase forest cover and water retention within the project area and municipalities. 

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Involvement in this project creates valuable new sources of income for rural communities through verified carbon credits, local forest enterprises, and agroforestry products. The project aims to increase and diversify smallholder farmers' income and increase gender diversity in forestry.

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Protected forests within this project contain a rich biodiversity with more than 100 native tree species, tropical birds, and numerous ground animals. The project aims to plant local tree species and expand the biodiversity habitat through establishing a mix of native species forests. 

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The Arbor Day Foundation works closely with Taking Root to equip smallholder farmers to turn their land in to forests. Hear firsthand experiences from some of the farmers in Nicaragua and learn how trees are impacting their family and community. 

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